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Creating rapidly scalable digital products

Empower your project

OpenSphere Software supports you with a wide range of knowledge, no matter where you are with your project. In close cooperation we find out how we can optimize existing processes or bring your vision to life from scratch. From the company's own internal software solutions for process optimization and coaching of the team to multi-client capable state-of-the-art mobile apps suitable for the masses, we offer the entire spectrum from concept creation to product maturity.

Concept Creation

A clear concept as a signpost serves as alignment like a beacon on the horizon for all project participants.


An objective, critical view from outside can give you the necessary direction and security and increases the quality of your product.


A good leadership and knowledge transfer from years of experience in large projects can help your team like thousands of others.

Consulting & Development

Alone or together with your team, we can bring your ideas to life.
We aim to develop software at the highest quality level.

We empower developers
around the world 

and unite them in
one community


Flutter Made Easy 2022 - Zero to Mastery - Is our comprehensive five-star Flutter course to quickly and effectively start professional app development.
As premium Udemy lecturer, we have already helped thousands of developers start their career.


We are the operators of the German Flutter Community. A place where German Flutter developers can exchange and support each other.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


years pure Flutter


students teached


star trainer


people german community



Projects & Partners


Together in a large development team, we are developing the new multi-client capable Robo Advicer app from VisualVest.

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Max Berktold
Managing Director

Who We Are

As a passionate Flutter freelancer and educator, I love turning good ideas into action or empowering people to do it themselves. 

I am always open to new projects and positive exciting challenges.
Through hard work, personal development and constantly striving to learn and grow, I am where I am today.

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