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Max Berktold

Managing Director - OpenSphere

  • Passionate Freelancer - Flutter Domain Expert

  • Team Lead

  • Entrepreneur

  • Udemy Business Lecturer & Live Trainer

  • Admin @ German Flutter Community

About Me

Career Start

I started my career with an IT apprenticeship at Siemens and a short time later I was responsible for maintaining thermodynamic power plant design software in a large agile team.
During this time I started learning app development based on an own idea and since then I am dealing intensively with the Flutter Framework and have discovered a passion for it.


First Projects
I was already able to take over the project management in a development team in the industrial sector where we developed highly configurable tablet apps with Flutter. I was responsible for everything from concept to development.
At the same time, I worked in my own development team to implement our ideas with Flutter.

Personal Development

I started discovering personality development and its possibilities for me. By constantly working on and with me, I was able to achieve great success early on. I love stepping out of the comfort zone on a regular basis.


OpenSphere Software / Freelancing

As managing director at OpenSphere Software I am a specialist for mobile app development with the Flutter Framework. I have also been able to support a number of customers and their projects.

Business Lecturer & Trainer

As a trainer, I have found a life-serving task and can pass on the experience of the last few years. With my Udemy Flutter video course, I enable everyone to easily get started with mobile app development with the Flutter Framework and have been able to accompany thousands of developers and companies. 


Due to the rapidly increasing reach, I soon became the community admin of the German Flutter Community on Discord, in which German Flutter developers exchange ideas and support each other.


I am currently working as Senior Consultant with a large team on VisualVest's multi-tenant robo-advicer app. There we are developing the VV & GLS Bank's robo advisor and the new Union Investment Union Depot app. New clients will be coming here soon.


I am also represented in the startup field. My first Job as an App Developer was at RocketSolution. I later became CTO at Smaboo, developing smart booking software. Currently again working on my own startup BLASTin - creating a platform for the party universe.

Own App Forge

Of course i will not stop creating content and applications for me and the world.

I am always open to new exciting projects!

In my free time, I like to do weight training, go hiking and constantly educate myself. I love good books about personal development and applying this knowledge live.

I think almost everyone lives below their potential. I strive for a creative happy life.

let's get to know each other

I would also like to get to know you and your project. We can arrange a non-binding initial meeting at any time. 

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