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Flutter is a fairly young framework on the market. For a long time there was no source where you could gather not only superficial but also deep knowledge about the possibilities of Flutter in professional app development. We changed that.

We have put the years of practical experience that has proven itself into our Udemy courses and have already inspired thousands of developers and companies and helped them with their projects.

And that's how we built the most successful German Flutter course.

And now we also have an English Flutter course online!

We built the course for all skill levels. In this course we cover the basics of darts and flutter. After covering all of the basics, which is where most courses stop, we're just getting started.

With us you will also learn how to set up a scalable, maintainable project with a clean software architecture that has proven itself in numerous companies to this day. We learn everything about architecture, functional programming, dealing with dependencies and of course testing.

In addition to mobile app development, we also briefly dive into web and desktop development and thus responsive design.

With us you will not only get to know flutter - you will learn how to set up large projects cleanly from the ground up.


Join our network

We have brought course participants, freelancers, employee teams and hobby developers from all over Germany together in a large Flutter community.
This is constantly growing and offers a place where everyone supports each other.

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