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Our Services

Concept Creation

All projects need a clear plan, a clear concept that follows the corporate vision. This concept serves as a beacon on the horizon for everyone working on the project.
There is a clear direction in which to go.
On the one hand, the concept defines what is to be created and, on the other hand, how it is to be achieved. This abstraction extends to several levels, so you can then clearly work out the cornerstones of a project before you start development.

In close cooperation with you, we design a bulletproof, stable concept for your idea, in the end there should be no more questions left unanswered. Whether just a mobile app or an entire platform. From the general vision in to the platform and software architecture, we can refine the concept.
With this solid foundation and all general questions answered, your team will gain momentum.

Consulting & Development

We are specialists in developing with Flutter. The cross platform options not only save us valuable development time, we can also cover the entire range of mobile apps, tablet apps, desktop and web applications.
Together we develop a complete concept and, if desired, a UI design that leads to the best possible user experience. Whether software for in-house technicians or for end customers in general, we develop tailor-made solutions for your needs.
We attach great importance to scalable and maintainable software architecture and a clean implementation of all components. The product will also not be lacking in tests to guarantee the best performance.


If you have already developed an app or if it is under development, an independent view from experienced developers is a good opportunity to raise your quality to new standards and to challenge existing code.
In our reviews, we pay close attention to whether general state-of-the-art standards in software development are met. We look at architecture, implementation and testability. A software project must not only contain features, it should also meet non-functional requirements such as scalability, maintainability, security, performance...
After our review, you will receive a detailed report of our findings and recommendations.


We are happy to support your development team in implementing your ideas. From an introduction to the framework, through architecture creation, to implementation, we are happy to coach or train your employees remotely or on site.
Through our role as live trainer for Flutter in Cologne and our successful online courses, we have plenty of experience in teaching the essential elements or advising accordingly.

Turn Your Vision Into Reality

OpenSphere Software supports you with a wide range of knowledge, no matter where you are with your project.

In close cooperation we find out how we can optimize existing processes or bring your vision to life from scratch.

From the company's own internal software solutions for process optimization and coaching of the team to multi-client capable state-of-the-art mobile apps suitable for the masses, we offer the entire spectrum from concept creation to product maturity.

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